Success Stories

Crazy Storage


Crazy Storage and Crazy Skips had another very busy day today! We want to thank our clients for all the support over and over again on a daily basis.

Neat containers with neat wooden floors, strong lockboxes for more safety and white roofs for cooler temperatures.

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Body Lab


Body lab studios offer upbeat electrical muscle stimulation (EMS) training and rehabilitation.

Bodylab studios use EMS to activate muscle contraction, thus intensifying your workout in a way that your body could not do on its own. The pulse applied during a session penetrates and stimulates 90% of the total muscle mass in the targeted areas.

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Craving Coffee


Coffee has grown extensively over the past decade in South Africa.

And because we are serious coffee lovers, we found that it is not always easy to get a great cup of coffee. Too many options in South Africa do not make coffee taste great. But we do…That is why we launched an easy to roll-out coffee franchise concept. Our plan is to roll our container shops out across South Africa, in locations that are visible, easy to get to and convenient.

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Plato Coffee


A dream. 2 Brothers. Coffee

What started as a dream, became a side-hustle and then grew into an amazing full-time business that we really enjoy. We currently have 12 cafés (7 corporately owned and 5 franchises) and employ 40 people. We’re aiming to have 20 locations by the end of 2022 and our expansion plans include the Garden Route, Cape Town, Tzaneen, Middelburg, Polokwane and Potchefstroom. New locations in Pretoria and Johannesburg is also part of our plans.

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Ultimate pet care


The vision of Ultimate Pet Care is to serve as dedicated hands in this busy life of our dog owners. With an exclusive mobile grooming unit, we will come to your house. Providing a variety of services, including professional dog grooming, food delivery, dog grooming studios, dog sitting and providing the best catalogues for clothing, accessories and toys.

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